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Inuit Magazine

A new in-flight magazine that invites you to discover Northern Quebec's Nunavik region, the unique culture, traditions and  lifestyle of the Inuit people and the airline  that takes you there and beyond.

Volume 3 No. 2 Winter 2017

Midwives in Nunavik, a training center for surviving the Arctic cold, scientists’ quest to unravel the mysteries of the northern environment, the work of Inuit documentarist Jobie Weetaluktuk, and more.

Volume 3 No. 1 Fall 2016

Two Inuit teens improve the traditional Inuit lamp, the story of the Salluit Running Club in Hawaii, Melissa Haney, Air Inuit’s first female Inuk captain, and much more.

Volume 2 No. 4 Summer 2016

Mixing traditional with modern fashion in Nunavik; Inuit singer with Beatrice Deer; hiking on Mont D’Iberville; the fauna of Nunavik; and much more.

Volume 2 No. 3 Spring 2016

Nunavik’s passion for hockey, cross-country skiing in the Pingaluit crater, an interview with musical group Sugluk, the science behind northern lights, and more.

Volume 2 No. 2 Winter 2016

All about the Arctic Winter Games, a portrait of Inuit art legend Tivik Etok, the joys of kite-skiing in the great white north, a special report on Nunavik’s youth outreach programs, and more.

Volume 2 No. 1 Fall 2015

A look back at the history of aviation in Nunavik, the role of the snowmobile in northern culture, adapting Inuktituk to the modern world, an overview of Aumaaggiivik, the Nunavik Arts Secretariat, keeping Inuit arts alive and well, and more.

Volume 1 No. 4 Summer 2015

A special report on how Inuit culture, language & lifestyle are taught in northern schools, a portrait of natural caregiver, Eva Deer, a photo essay on Nunavik’s National parks, a look at co-ops as an increasingly popular business model, and more!

Volume 1 No. 3 Spring 2015

The last interview of iconic TNI radio personality, Elashuk Pauyungie, a look at recent movies showcasing Inuit culture, the joy of fishing Arctic Char, a special report on the latest Youth Talent Show in Salluit, and more.

Volume 1 No. 2 Winter 2015

A special feature on traditional Northern fare, a portrait of longtime advocate of Inuit culture, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, the joys of dog sledding and stunning aerial photographs of Inuit communities are yours to discover.

Volume 1 No. 1 Fall 2014

A portrait of legendary northern aviator Johnny May, Elisapie Isaac, a photo essay of Inuit residents of Nunavik, canoeing down the famed George River, and more!