Culture and Commitment

Air Inuit’s Mission

Air Inuit's mission is to keep Quebec's northernmost communities connected in the safest possible conditions. We also contribute to their socio-economic development by promoting access to employment for the Inuit.

More Than Just Transportation

Founded by the Inuit in 1978, Air Inuit was created to provide air connections between Nunavik's 14 coastal villages, to promote trade and to preserve Inuit culture. The company is also committed to the development of this immense territory and the prosperity of its people by providing support to various community organizations, cultural events, educational and sports programs, as well as the implementation of employment access programs for Inuit people.

My job is to lead a team devoted to the wellness and growth of the Nunavik people.

Christian Busch

Christian Busch
President and CEO

Timeless Values


Air Inuit is very familiar with Nunavik and the harsh conditions of the Arctic. After 40 years of business, we are proud to say that we have developed unparalleled expertise. Operating on gravel airstrips, through snow and on ice, Air Inuit focuses on its aircraft maintenance quality.

Staff Development

We have to be as dedicated to our employees as we want them to be towards their work. We are also committed to provide them with good working conditions, training and advancement opportunities to ensure the achievement of their full potential.

Customer Satisfaction

Since many of our customers are also Air Inuit co-owners, our commitment to their satisfaction is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. That is why we work with enthusiasm, energy, thoroughness and pride.

Community Commitment

Air Inuit participates in the economic and cultural development of the Inuit by supporting various cultural and sporting events, community organizations and educational programs, as well as through scholarships and affirmative action initiatives. In doing so, those who benefit from it now will one day be able to contribute to its development.

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