At Air Inuit, challenges are the source of our motivation.

The territory served by Air Inuit imposes daily challenges, we are therefore always looking for innovative solutions to improve our logistics and continue to offer high quality air transportation services to our community.

First Dash-8 Equipped with Large Freight Door

In order to optimize our space capacity and reduce our cargo delivery time, we collaborated with Rockwell Collins to design the world’s first all-cargo Dash-8 equipped with an oversized door. After more than 36 months of planning, design, retrofitting and safety testing, the custom-modified aircraft officially entered the Air Inuit fleet in February 2022.

The large cargo door allows, among other things, to load and unload cargo directly from a pallet, thereby reducing the risk of injuries related to handling freight loads. Loading and unloading times can be shortened and risk of damage to cargo is also reduced. This one-of a kind plane allows us to improve the essential service we provide every day and continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers in Nunavik.

Installation of Large Cargo Door

The introduction of this innovative design to Air Inuit's fleet is about recognizing the specific challenges of the communities we serve, and finding an innovative new way to support the development of those communities. Hats off to our team and partners for achieving this.

Christian Busch

Christian Busch
President & CEO, Air Inuit

This initiative was achieved thanks to the expert technical support of Rockwell Collins.

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