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Air Inuit was founded in 1978 with the express mission of keeping Quebec’s northernmost communities connected by providing air transport services across the vast territory north of the 55th parallel known as Nunavik, homeland of the Inuit for centuries.

Our first and foremost goal is ensuring the safety of our passengers. That is why we have put in place an industry-leading Safety Management System (SMS) to meet and exceed the strictest aviation safety standards in the world. Working in close collaboration with Transport Canada for over 30 years, Air Inuit has earned one of the most enviable safety records in Canada. Given the challenging and often hostile conditions under which we operate, it is a remarkable accomplishment of which we are very proud and committed to upholding.

Equally important is the health and well-being of our employees.
Air Inuit recognizes that our company’s success depends on the satisfaction of our people. That is why we strive to ensure that all maintain high morale and are treated with utmost respect. Management makes sure every member of its staff is given a voice in helping improve working conditions and procedures. We are always open to feedback and see to it that good ideas become policy. Air Inuit deems it essential that employees and management share common goals so that they may achieve success in the true spirit of partnership.

Although Air Inuit faces little direct competition, the company calls upon every employee to improve the quality of service far beyond what would be necessary to remain competitive. Because many of our passengers are also stakeholders in the company, our commitment to customer satisfaction is deeply engrained in our corporate culture.

Air Inuit is mandated by its Board of Directors to operate according to the strictest and most transparent business practices. The company strives to generate enough profit to remain competitive and to support a number of social, educational and cultural programs to meet the growing needs of Inuit communities throughout Nunavik.

By the very nature of the territory we serve, Air Inuit also does its utmost to provide maximum employment for people of Inuit descent so that they may become important contributors to the financial health and overall development of the region.