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Beneficiaries Ilaujuq

Update on use of Ilaujuq certificates

We are now accepting reservations for Ilaujuq travel on our entire network. However, for travel between Nunavik and the South, or vice versa, passengers aged 12 years and over need to provide Proof of double vaccination against COVID-19 before making a reservation.

* For Ilaujuq travel solely on Canadian North, please contact them at 1 800 267-1247.

Please follow these steps for booking:

  1. Send your proof by email to:
    • Please indicate your beneficiary number in the email subject line.
    • You can alternatively use the fax (514-905-9418) or go to the local station and ask them to send your vaccination proof to the above-mentioned email address.
  2. Call Reservations at 1-800-361-2965.
  3. No ticket will be issued without having first received the vaccination proof.

Reduced rates for Inuit beneficiaries of Nunavik

The Ilaujuq program is a joint Makivik Corporation and Air Inuit initiative created to make air travel more accessible for the Inuit of Nunavik. It offers reduced rates for beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement whose work or lifestyle requires them to frequently travel between communities.

Under the Ilaujuq program, Inuit beneficiaries of Nunavik are granted 4 certificates per year, valid for a 75% rebate on either round-trip airline tickets or the shipment of certain types of commodities.

This program aims not only to provide financial assistance, but also to preserve the integrity of the culture and lifestyle by connecting the Inuit community and increasing their future prospects through travel.

Program Rules and Regulations

To learn more about the Ilaujuq program, we invite you to read the complete program specifications below.

For more information about the Ilaujuq program, please contact Air Inuit customer service.

For information on the KRG Airfare Reduction Program, please click here.