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Program Under Maintenance

Please note that due to the migration of our reservation and check-in systems, our Isaruuk program is currently under maintenance. Customer profiles are not accessible and no new accounts can be created for the moment. To redeem points for flights please contact our reservations department at 1-800-361-2965. Unfortunately, catalogue items are no longer purchasable via the program. Points continue to be accumulated for all flights taken.

Rewards that give you wings

In Inuktitut, the word "isaruuk" literally means "wings", which is exactly what our reward program was designed for: giving our passengers wings!

By joining the Isaruuk Rewards Program, you can earn points every time you fly Air Inuit. Points earned can be redeemed against promotional items or free flights. Isaruuk members earn points based on the cost and type of fare purchased as specified in the following table.

To redeem rewards and find out how many points are needed, you can simply verify the online catalogue or for a flight, use the base Y class fare (without taxes) and divide it by 0.025. This will give you the number of points needed to fly free* (*taxes, fees and charges applicable).


Booking Class Fare Percentage of Points Applicable to Base Fare Example
Y 100% $1,000 = 1000 points
B, W 85% $1,000 = 850 points
S 75% $1,000 = 750 points
T 70% $1,000 = 700 points
H, Q 50% $1,000 = 500 points
L 40% $1,000 = 400 points
V 25% $1,000 = 250 points
G, N - -

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