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Our cargo services

Our cargo services

From small parcels to heavy equipment, we make it our mission to deliver your merchandise without any problem, regardless of the destination.

Priority Cargo

Quick and convenient, priority cargo service is available at every Air Inuit-served airport (certain restrictions apply).

When you choose priority cargo for your shipment, rest assured that it will be of the utmost importance upon loading and be delivered in the shortest delay possible. Air Inuit priority cargo service also comes with a full refund guarantee in the event of loss or damage. Furthermore, if your package does not get to where it is going within the promised time frame, the cost of shipping will be reduced to our general freight rate.

For more information about our priority cargo service, please contact the Air Inuit office nearest you.

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General Cargo

General delivery is the cargo service most customers turn to for their shipping needs because it can accommodate a wide range of items. From small envelopes and perishables to dangerous goods and light-duty vehicles, general delivery is the way to go.

Sulukpac: quick and affordable delivery of light items

Air Inuit's Sulukpac cargo service is unique. This quick, inexpensive, flat-rate delivery of items weighing less than 2.2 kg anywhere Air Inuit flies gives customers the assurance of knowing their envelopes and small packages will take off with the next available flight.

Other Cargo services

Specialized Transport

Specialized transportation cargo service was created to address the specific needs of the population of Nunavik, offering discounted rates for items specific to the Inuit culture and daily life in the region. These may include country foods, artisanal items, perishable goods, outboard engines, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles.

Specialized transportation serves as a lifeline to the territory and its inhabitants, always at affordable prices. For more information on this specialized cargo service, call Air Inuit cargo services.


Keeping residents of Nunavik well nourished and healthy is an essential service to the region that Air Inuit is proud to provide. Fresh food items available only from southern Quebec must be imported to the region regularly and packed with extreme care to preserve their nutritional value and general availability.

Careful attention, including temperature control and handling, is provided by experienced Air Inuit personnel to ensure that our customers' most delicate perishables are handled with the utmost care and that they arrive at their destination as fresh, tasty and nutritious as possible.

The Ilaujuq accessibility program

The Ilaujuq program was designed to make air travel and cargo shipment more accessible for Inuit residents of Nunavik, providing reduced rates for beneficiaries of the territory whose work or lifestyle may require them to travel frequently between communities.

To find out if you are eligible for Ilaujuq cargo service or to verify the status of your Ilaujuq certificate, contact cargo services or visit the Ilaujuq page.