Cargo Claims

Damaged or Lost Items

At Air Inuit, we do our utmost to make sure your goods get to their final destination intact and on time. In the unlikely event that your shipment is lost or damaged, we will do everything we can to remedy the situation in a fair and prompt manner.

File a Report

The quickest way for us to trace your lost shipment or to compensate you for any damage that may have occurred during transit is to file a report at the destination airport immediately upon discovery of lost or damaged cargo. The report must be signed by an Air Inuit agent who has observed the loss or damage.

Compensation Claim for Damage, Loss or Delay

To help Air Inuit process your claim, you must obtain a completed and signed copy of the aforementioned damage/lost cargo report from your local agent. You must subsequently provide us with an email detailing your claim as well as all receipts for the lost or damaged goods referred to in the claim.

Your shipment is on its way?

Use our Track and Trace tool to locate it!

Shipment Tracking