Nunavik Rotors Aerospatiale Astar AS350 B2

Nunavik Rotors Aerospatiale Astar AS350 B2
Maximum Capacity 5
Payload 2,050 LB
Speed 130 MPH
Length 42'
Wingspan 35'

The ASTAR 350 is a multi-purpose, turbine-powered helicopter noted for its exceptional passenger comfort, speed and range.

Three separate cargo compartments plus a side basket provide cargo space unmatched by any other helicopter in its class. The aircraft is convertible to a state-of-the-art medical evacuation standard in less than 5 minutes; it can also be quickly configured for purposes that suit its utility role, such as slinging mining equipment.

Aerospatiale Astar AS350 B2 - Nunavik Rotors

Passenger Seating 5  
Cruise Speed 130 mph  
Aircraft Prepared For Service Weight 2,995 lb  
  Internal External
Max. Gross Weight 4,961 lb 5,512 lb
Max. Payloads
(Pilot Weight and 1 h Fuel Included)
1,495 lb 2,046 lb
Pilot Weight 180 lb  
Standard Fuel Capacity 119 gal (940 lbs)
Average Fuel Consumption 40 gal/h (340 lbs/h)
Max. Range (30 minutes reserve) 310 nmi

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