Air Inuit
Beechcraft King Air 100 Series


Fly high, fly fast, and fly comfortably above the turbulence in a pressurized turboprop. Air Inuit's King Air 100 fleet has been performance-enhanced by extensive modifications to meet our specific needs. Wing lockers, a proprietary cargo restraint system, improved access for stretcher accommodation and Raisbeck enhanced performance kits are all standard to Air Inuit, making the King Air 100 an ideal choice for rapid commuter transport, charter or emergency airlift.

Capacity Section

Max. Passenger Capacity 9
Aircraft Configurations Flexible/ Passenger/ Cargo
Cabin Dimensions Height Width Length
57" 54" 11"
Aircraft Cabin Volume 303 ft3
 Rear Cargo Compartment Capacity Volume
410 lbs 54 ft3
Total Payload 2,350 lbs


Technical Specifications

Endurance 5 h
Range with Max Payload 860 sm
Speed 210 mph
Powerplant PT6A-27
Aircraft Length 40'
Wing Span 46'
Height Over Tail 16'


Operational Specifications

Crew 2 pilots 
Minimum Runway Length 3,000'
Gravel Capable Operation Yes
Maximum Altitude 25,000'


Loading Specfications

Main Passenger & Cargo Door Height Width
51.7" 17"