Air Inuit
De Havilland Twin Otter 300 Series


The Canadian-built Twin Otter is known for its remote location operation and can operate comfortably out of a 1,000-foot runway. Whether your requirements are commuter charter, off-strip exploration or ice fishing, our fleet of 300 series Twin Otter will handily accommodate your needs.

Capacity Section

Max. Passenger Capacity 19
Aircraft Configuration Flexible Passengers/Cargo
Cabin Dimensions Height Width Length
59" 52.5" 221"
Aircraft Cabin Volume 384 ft3
  Capacity Volume
Nose Cargo Compartment 300 lbs 38 ft3
Rear Cargo Compartment 500 lbs 88 ft3
Total Payload 3,200 lbs


Technical Specifications

Endurance Range  Payload
5 h 740 sm 1,200 lbs
1 h 30 175 sm 3,200 lbs
Speed 160 mph
Powerplant PT6A-27
Aircraft Length 51'9"
Wing Span 65'
Height Over Tail 19'7"


Operational Specifications

Crew 2 pilots 
Minimum Runway Length 1,000' (DAC-STOL)
Gravel Capable Operation Yes
Skis Capable Operation Yes (Decrease of 350 lbs Payload, decrease 20 kts in speed, decrease of endurance and range)
Maximum Altitude 10,000'


Loading Specifications

  Height Width
Standard Main Passenger & Cargo Door 50" 56" 
Large Main Passenger and Cargo Door 50"  62"