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The community of Salluit is located at the far end of the narrow Sugluk Inlet, 10 km inland from the Hudson Strait. As the approximate geographic center of so many other communities, it often serves as a strategic location for meetings between people of the Hudson and Ungava coasts.

The area is rich in wildlife and arctic plants, though changes in weather patterns may account for an often-told story of how, long ago, Inuit were told that the area promised an abundance of wildlife; they found none when they arrived, suffering near starvation. But today’s inhabitants do, enjoy an abundance of mussels and clams, Arctic char, caribou, berries, roots and herbs.

In 1958, archaeological work began on Qikirtaq Island at the entrance of the Sugluk Inlet. Evidence suggests that people of the Dorset period occupied the area from approximately 800 BC to 1,000 AD.

As so often happened throughout Nunavik, various traders and trading companies passed through, until the Great Depression sent the price of pelts plummeting. Religious missions once again gave communities reason to survive, the construction of a school leading the way to the delivery of basic government services which encouraged surrounding Inuit to settle there.

Things to see and do

Deception Bay is renowned for excellent hunting and fishing; the Sugluk Inlet leaves nature lovers speechless with its abundance of flora and fauna.

Name meaning

The thin ones.




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