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Boeing 737 300C Series

Boeing 737
300C Series



130 seats

76 seats

Full cargo

Beechcraft King Air 350 Series - Full cargo
Boeing 737 200c series


The Boeing 737-300 is the initial member of the second generation of Boeing 737 Jetliner, also called the Boeing 737 Classic family. The first aircraft of the model flew in 1984 and they were produced in a span of over 15 years. It is equipped with CFM56-3 high bypass turbofan to reduce fuel consumption and noise levels. It is Air Inuit’s largest aircraft in terms of passenger capacity, holding up to 130 seats in its full passenger configuration. The full cargo configuration can hold 8 cargo pallets and up to 31,500 pounds. The cabin also allows a combination of both passengers and cargo at 76 seats and 3 pallets, making it a highly versatile aircraft. The Boeing 737-300 is the perfect choice to transport large groups to a northern destination or wherever else you need to fly.

Capacity Section

Max. Passenger Capacity 130

Aircraft Configurations

Passengers 130 76 0
Main Deck Pallet Capacity 0 3 8

Lower Deck Capacity and Volume

Forward Cargo Compartment 4,858 lbs 413 ft3
Rear Cargo Compartment 7,648 lbs 643 ft3
Total Payload 31,500 lbs

Technical specifications

Endurance 5 h
Range with Max Payload 2,850 sm (Apprx)
Speed 500 mph
Powerplant CFM56-3
Aircraft Length 109'7"
Wing Span 95'
Height Over Tail 36'6"

Operational specifications

Crew 2 pilots + flight attendants
Minimum Runway Length 5,000'
Gravel Capable Operation No
Maximum Altitude 37,000'

Loading specifications

Front Passenger Door 65" x 34"
Rear Passenger Door 72" x 32"
Main Deck Cargo Door 84" x 134"
Lower Deck - Forward Cargo Door 48" x 35"
Lower Deck - Rear Cargo Door 48" x 35"
Cabin Dimensions Aisle Area 86" x 139"
Cabin Dimensions Seat Area 62" x 139"
Main Deck Loading Height 8'
Pallet Size 88" x 125"