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British Aerospace Hawker Siddeley 748

Large freight door


British Aerospace Hawker Siddeley 748 - Cargo
British Aerospace Hawker Siddeley 748 LFD


Designed to replace the venerable Douglas DC-3 with turbine engine reliability, the HS-748 has established itself as a rugged and versatile mid-sized aircraft. This cargo aircraft equipped with a large freight door can transport up to 12,500 pounds of cargo. Air Inuit’s HS-748 aircraft standard additionally includes a roller floor for improved cargo loading efficiency, a satellite phone, a tracking system and contemporary communication and navigation equipment for increased arctic flying safety.

Capacity section

Max. Passenger Capacity N/A
Aircraft Configuration Cargo
Cabin Dimensions Height Width Length
75" 79" 36'
Total Payload 12,500 lbs

Technical specifications

Endurance 4.25 h
Range with Max Payload 1,265 sm
Speed 260 mph
Powerplant Rolls Royce 534-2 post MOD 1860
Aircraft Length 67'
Wing Span 98'6"
Height Over Tail 24'10"

Operational specifications

Crew 2 Pilots + 1 Loadmaster
Minimum Runway Length 3,500'
Gravel Capable Operation Yes
Maximum Altitude 25,000'

Loading specifications

Main Deck Cargo Door Height Width
67" 105"
Main Cargo Door Loading Height 72"