In-Flight Services

What does travelling with Air Inuit entails?

Find out about our onboard services, such as meals, snacks, in-flight entertainment, information and installations. See also our rules of conduct to ensure a delightful experience.

Air Inuit is proud to provide complimentary hot meals* on its Boeing 737 and Dash 8 flights, depending on flight itineraries. The following services are also offered for your comfort and convenience.

  • Complimentary snacks are also provided on most legs.
  • Our Inuit magazine, Nunatsiaq News, daily newspapers and corporate magazines are offered for departures out of Montreal.
  • All Boeing 737 and Dash 8 aircraft are equipped with lavatories.

* Please note that we cannot guarantee that a meal will be available for reservations made after 5pm the day before the flight. 

In order to satisfy passengers with medical or religious dietary needs, Air Inuit offers a variety of special meals:

  • Vegetarian lacto-ovo meal (VLML): meat and fish-free meals, containing dairy and egg products.
  • Vegetarian/vegan meal (VGML): meat and fish-free western-style meals without dairy products or eggs.
  • Gluten-free meal (GFML): special menu without cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats) or starch.
  • Meal for diabetics (DBML): sugar-free menu.
  • Non lactose meal (NLML): Dairy free menu.

We recommend that you book your special meal at least 5 days prior to travel or when making your reservation.

Special meals can be reserved via our Reservation Center, online, while making your web booking or via your travel agent.

Many people suffer from food allergies. Although Air Inuit cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment, none of the meals or snacks served on board contain nuts or peanuts. Nevertheless, we are not responsible for passengers who bring nuts on board.

If you suffer from food intolerances or allergies, you are allowed and encouraged to bring your own food on board the aircraft. To know what is accepted you can consult the CATSA website

Note: We therefore strongly advise travellers with known allergies to bring along their anti-allergy medication, such as EpiPens, in their carry-on baggage.

Safe air travel requires the cooperation of our passengers at all times. As weather conditions can suddenly change, we ask that passengers remain seated as much as possible during the flight.

For your safety:

  • keep your seatbelt fastened during the flight, even when the seatbelt sign is off;
  • follow the instructions of the captain and flight crew;
  • be considerate of fellow passengers. Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Air Inuit reserves the right and is required by law to deny access to passengers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, as determined by our staff, for security reasons. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol and/or drugs for personal use on board.

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