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Inuit Magazine

A new in-flight magazine that invites you to discover Northern Quebec's Nunavik region, the unique culture, traditions and  lifestyle of the Inuit people and the airline  that takes you there and beyond.

Volume 6 No.2 Winter 2020

See how the radio gathers the Inuit people, discover Hannah Tooktoo and her message of hope, all about the 24th Akpiq Jam where music and berries are in the spotlight, the story of Cirniq, a circus launched by Kativik and Cirque du Soleil, and much more!

Volume 6 No.1 Fall 2019

A portrait on important Inuit leader Minnie Grey, the revival of the arvik hunt, all about traditional Inuit tattoos, a feature on our furry loyal companions and much more!

Volume 5 No.4 Summer 2019

Meet Annie Jonas, a sewing artist that keeps tradition alive, discover camp Okpiapik, a place for Nunavik youth to develop their leadership and friendships, a thrill ride along the Koroc River and much more!

Volume 5 No.3 Spring 2019

Discover how agriculture is practiced in Nunavik, meet inspiring Inuit women through a video from singer Arianne Moffat, read about a friendly tour guide, witness the popularity of volleyball among young Nunavimmiut and more!

Volume 5 No.2 Winter 2019

Learn how we celebrate the holidays in Nunavik, discover the art of Inuit filmmaking, explore the wonders of the 1.4 million year old Pingualuit crater, Inuit elders converge in Sanikiluak, a day in the life of arctic dogs and more!

Volume 5 No.1 Fall 2018

A portrait of beloved teacher Maggie MacDonnell, the first eco-centre north of the 54th parallel, reimagining the way northern communities are designed and built, understanding Inuit mythology and more!

Volume 4 No.4 Summer 2018

Meet Mary A. Pilurtuut, a model of community engagement and leadership, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Raglan Mine’s life-changing apprenticeship program, the Inuit’s take on baseball, the wonders of Lake Tasiujaq and the Nunavik School of Rock.

Volume 4 No.3 Spring 2018

A young woman returns home and reconnects with her culture to better defend it, the rise of ecotourism in Nunavik, a step-by-step guide to building an igloo, all about Puvirnituq’s Snow Festival and more!

Volume 4 No.2 Winter 2018

Meet Pingualuit National Park’s favorite tour guide and the accordion players of Nunavik. Learn all about Qajartalik’s amazing petroglyphs, the revival of Inuit dogsledding and the life-altering journey of the Jeunes Karibus and more!

Volume 4 No.1 Fall 2017

Warm up to the sounds of folk duo Twin Flames, learn all about the northern jig, the joys of exploring Nunavik’s tundra on fat bikes, Inuit youth shooting short films thanks to Wapikoni Mobile, Air Inuit’s first female Inuk pilot, and more!