500$ Tickets for Beneficiaries

500$ tickets are now available for Inuit Beneficiaries

The new $500 tickets Program as developed by Makivvik and Air Inuit applies as follow:

  1. Effective June 3rd, 2024, and up to March 31, 2025, Nunavik Beneficiaries will be entitled to purchase up to three (3) $500 tickets (all inclusive) for travel between Nunavik (includes LaGrande for Chisasibi beneficiaries) and the South (Montréal or Québec).
  2. The $500 ticket is valid for return travel on Air Inuit or Canadian North between Nunavik and the South (Montreal/Québec) and must be booked for both airlines with Air Inuit reservations at 1 800 361-2965.  However, changes on a Canadian North ticket shall be done directly with them. The $500 cap is not applicable for tickets between Nunavik Communities.
  3. The $500 fare is return and includes all taxes and surcharges and must be purchased between June 3rd, 2024, and March 31, 2025. No one way travel is possible with the $500 special rate. A purchased ticket will remain valid for travel for twelve (12) months and will become non-refundable after this deadline.
  4. The three (3) tickets per beneficiary are not guaranteed as the program may end without prior notice once the funds for this special program are completely used up.
  5. The $500 ticket program is valid until March 31, 2025, or until the funds dedicated to this program are depleted. This program may be discontinued without prior notice and may not be renewed after March 31, 2025.

The following administrative specifications apply:
a. Stopovers are not permitted.
b. Voluntary itinerary changes are permitted and incur a 50$ plus taxes change fee as well as a fare difference payment or refund if applicable.
c. The $500 tickets are not transferable between individuals.
d. A ticket purchased under the $500 ticket program is refundable and incurs a 50$ plus taxes refund fee. Refunds can be requested by completing the refund form found on our website, and by following the instructions noted on the form.
e. Any ticket purchased under the privileges of this program must be paid by personal credit card (for both airlines) or by direct payment (Air Inuit only).
f. This 2024-2025 program is NOT linked to Ilaujuq.

To verify your ticket balance visit the Ilaujuq page and enter your beneficiary number in the Certificate Satus Verification at the bottom.

This program is a Partnership between